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We buy houses fast in Texas and we’re able to help homeowners out of some tough situations. Unlike a lot of local cash home buyers in the area, we’re able to offer you two convenient options to sell your house fast. We can buy your house for cash or you can list your house for sale with one of our agents.
Are you concerned about the quality or condition of your home? Worried we won’t be able to help with your situation? Don’t stress at all.
DFW Fast Home Buyers will help you get rid of your home under almost any circumstance. Continue reading below for some of the most common reasons for selling a house in today’s market.

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Fees & Commissions6% Average Paid by YouNone
Who Pays Closing Costs?2% Average Paid by YouNone – We Pay All Costs
Inspection & Financing ContingencyYes – Up to 15% of sales fall throughNone
Appraisal NeededYes – Sale is Often Subject to AppraisalNone – We Make Cash Offers
Average Days Until Sold+/- 91 DaysImmediate Cash Offer
Number of ShowingsIt DependsJust One With Us! No Cleaning/Staging
Closing Date30-60 Days After Accepting an OfferChoose Your Own Closing Date
Who Pays For Repairs?Negotiated During Inspection PeriodNone – We Pay For All Repairs

Sell Your Fort Worth House As-Is

Distressed houses can be hazardous since they pose a threat to not only the homeowners, but also the neighboring communities in Fort Worth. They pose threats like blocking exits, spreading fires quickly, and threats of rodents and bugs.
Do You Have Distressed Property You Would Like To Sell?
When we say we buy your home as-is, that’s exactly what we mean, as-is. Once the sale is done, we’ll handle all cleaning, decluttering, and trash removal. One less thing for you to worry about! Request a cash offer today.
Sell Your Fort Worth House to Avoid Foreclosure

Sell Your Fort Worth House to Avoid Foreclosure

Let’s face it… things happen. Regardless of your income level or neighborhood, foreclosures can happen anywhere and affect anyone. Foreclosure is a long and heartbreaking process for a homeowners and their families.
Top Reasons Fort Worth Homeowners Fall Behind on Mortgage Payments:
Just remember, you’re not alone and DFW Fast Home Buyers can help. Start by requesting a cash offer or find out how we can help you avoid foreclosure.
Sell Your House to Get Cash Quickly

Sell Your House to Get Cash Quickly

Are you having financial trouble and need to free up some fast cash? The longer you own your house, the longer you’ll be paying the mortgage, utilities, maintenance, and other related bills. Maybe you can’t afford to wait 3-6 months selling your house on the traditional real estate market. We can help.
Get the Cash You Need When You Need It!
We are local homebuyers in the Fort Worth area and will pay cash for your home in as quick as 7-10 days. Even if you’re just curious, request a fast, free, and no obligation cash offer or find out how we can help you get cash fast.
Sell Your Fort Worth Home to Relocate

Sell Your Fort Worth Home to Relocate

Life can sometimes lead us down a path of unplanned circumstances. Got a new job out of state? Going through a divorce and need to move? Selling your Fort Worth home to relocate can be a blessing or a burden. But either way, you’ll need to sell your home fast.
Paying for two homes can be a financial nightmare and managing the sale of your current house from a distance will be a headache. Moving out of state before you sell your house doesn’t work if you need the cash from closing on your current home to to pay for the move and find new housing.
Sell your house fast to DFW Fast Home Buyers! Sell your house for cash in as quick as 7-10 days. We will also take care of cleaning, repairs, junk removal, and so much more. Get your free cash offer in 24 hours.
Sell Your Texas House Fast from Out-of-State

Sell Your Texas House Fast from Out-of-State

Do you own an Texas home from out-of-state and need to sell? Selling a house is one of the most stressful processes to go through because so much of it is out of your control. Now add in a few hundred or thousand miles and that stress intensifies.
Common Issues When Owning an Out-of-State Home
We understand all the complications that come with selling an out-of-state home and we’re here to help. Sell your out-of-state house fast to avoid repairs, cleaning, and public showings. Request a cash offer from DFW Fast Home Buyers.

How Much Can You Get For Your Home in Fort Worth?

Sell your house fast in Fort Worth! We’ll look at your property and set up a time to talk about the best home selling option for your needs and timeline. Enter your phone, email, and property address below to get started. Our team will be in touch within one day.

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